Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daily Stat's: Day 24 + Previews!

Hey NeverEver's!

I have been feeling like I have been tossed from one end of LA County to the other end...I even ended up PAST the OC to the Inland Empire. Now if your not from California here is an idea of what I did in the past 2 days (yay mileage on my car)

All this done on Paint...I am pretty happy with it
Okay so on a map it doesn't seem like that much, but to me I really felt like I was in the car all day for the past 2 days. Dealing with a small bank / lawyer issue, but it is finished now!

So starting more driving around So. Cal and hitting the gym, man I have missed it!

On other news tomorrow I am going to the Hollywood Bowl to see Juanes! Not only is this a first REAL concert for me...but it is also my first time at the Hollywood Bowl!

Hollywood Bowl Aug 17th!
What is really sweet about the Hollywood Bowl is that you can pack your own food! Oh and I forgot to mention that you can pack your down drinks to! So since I plan to have a healthy dinner with the hubby I am going to be checking out these blogs for some ideas!


They have some YUMMY Recipes that I have been meaning to try and tomorrow is perfect! I will be heading to the store to pick up some food for Friday, this weekend, and Monday / Tuesday since the Hubby and I are both off! My food is probably not going to come out as pretty as some of theirs but I can't wait to show you NeverEver's the results!

So here is my Daily Stats for Thursday day 24

Even with a beer I am under my calories!
And here is my yummy dinner! Chicken with Salad and Cucumber + a Samuel Adam's Summer Ale!

Balanced Meal! +a Little something Extra
So I promised you a 'preview' of what I was thinking about bring into this blog! I have magazine subscriptions to Self, Shape, Fitness and Cosmo (my guilty pleasure that one). And I LOVE how Cosmo has this thing in the beginning saying 'Can't read all of this is a preview of whats in store' and it gives you an idea or tidbits about what is in the magazine! I was thinking about doing that here for the respective magazines...but Cosmo. 

Let me know what you guys think NeverEver's Okay!! Alright have a good night you guys and don't forget to workout with me tomorrow! 

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