Monday, March 11, 2013

I Actually Ran Today

Hey NeverEver's,

Welcome to Monday! Did you have a good one? I had a pretty exciting one and it started with me getting a second interview. I have all my fingers and toes and really pretty much everything else crossed. Plus it was my first day getting back to my normal 8 hours of sleep. Or at least really close to 8 hours that my body was super happy!

So it was a pretty good day. Plus I went over to Fresh & Easy for some supplies. Lots of veggies, fruits and greens filled my cart. The best part...I was able to get it ALL under $70! Which is amazing for my bottom line & my fridge! I did try the Dr. Oz Green Drink today. I think I added too much ginger so it wasn't perfect but it was something that I will be making again.

However, going to Fresh and Easy wasn't the highlight of my night. Oh no that came after I got home. I had about an 1 1/2 before the Biggest Loser was on and I knew what I had to do. I had to stick with my calendar...and it said that Monday's was a Free Run day.

Now, when I created it I assumed that when I wrote Free Run, it really meant walking with a little bit of jogging thrown in. BUT, tonight ALL of that changed.

I actually RAN!

Yes you read that right. I RAN. And I am talking about all out running like you are running to stop your car from getting a ticket. Hauling it!

Now I was only able to do it for around 20 seconds. BUT that is 20 more seconds then I was EVER able to do it. I was also only able to do it 3 times but again that is more then ever before.

Did I mention that while I was running I was able to complete a mile in 15"02! Yup that is right my mile is getting faster!! 

After not running for 11 days and not working out for 7 days it hit me hard. I am basically starting all over again. This doesn't make me happy but I WILL not dwell on it. Because if I do that I know I will just continue to think about it and wont do anything. 

So, I am back on track and I am looking forward to making those results happen. 

See you all tomorrow NeverEver's! Don't forget if you fall down, just get back up again. You control it! 

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